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P1 Switzerland Ltd. "PRODUCTS MADE FOR PROFESSIONALS" - official distributor of: FAB DEFENSE, Quiqlite USA, DPM recoil systems!

Festtage Weihnachten & Neujahr 2018. Keine Ferien für den Online-Store, jedoch ist unser support office ab dem 22.12.2017-08.01.2018 abwesend. Während dieser Zeit erfolgt keine Bestellverarbeitung und können keine Fragen beantwortet werden.
Biz. Holidays: back office closed from 22. Dec. - 8. Jan. 2018: don't worry, the online store will be open 24/7 for you. But our backoffice will not be available & during this time, no order and no request will be worked on.

Wird sind stets besorgt um zügigen Versand. Wartezeiten infolge Nachimport ist jedoch durchaus möglich und kann bis 21 Tage oder länger dauern! Bitte haben Sie Geduld, haben Sie nach 21 Tagen keine Versandnachricht erhalten, dann bitten wir um Kontaktaufnahme. We always try to take care about speedy shipping. However, sometimes we do have to import some goods, that can take up to 21days or longer! Should the period be longer than 16 days (from the date of your order, 21 days plus), please contact us.

The MantisX Firearms Training System Abzugsanalyse System - It's a must have for any shooter and instructor !

ORDER NOW! https://www.policeone.ch/mantisx-firearms-training-system.html

NEW: The MOJO Mag Well Grip for AR-15 !

Amazing TactiCool Product by FAB DEFENSE

Click on the Picture to read and see more about the MOJO:

MOJO AR-15 Mag Well with Mask

NEW The TSB Tactical Sniper Bench

NEW: TPH700 Funkgerätholster mit MOLLE System! https://www.policeone.ch/p1-tph700-funkgerat-holster-mit-molle-system-swiss-made.html

NEW Commando Butt Stock GL-CORE with machined MIL-Spec foldable Tube best butt stock combination you can get for Close Quarters Battle (CQB)

for SWISS ARMS - SIG Arms SG 550, 553 series, Stgw 90, fusil 90

P1 Bullet Trap Pad (Mobile Entladestation) 

>>>Download the descripton / brochure of the P1 BTP here<<<

We are the official Distributor of QuiqLite Inc. USA

New: QuiqLite X - UV, HighPower UltraViolet & White LED (380nm, 20 up to 75 Lumens) www.QuiqLite.ch

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