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P1 Switzerland Ltd. "PRODUCTS MADE FOR PROFESSIONALS" - official distributor of: FAB DEFENSE, Quiqlite USA, DPM recoil systems!

Wir machen dann mal Skiferien. Keine Ferien für den Online-Store, jedoch ist unser support office ab dem 17. - 25. Feb. 2018 abwesend. Während dieser Zeit erfolgt keine Bestellverarbeitung und können keine Fragen beantwortet werden. Ski Holidays: back office closed from 17. - 25. Feb. 2018: don't worry, the online store will be open 24/7 for you. But our backoffice will not be available & during this time, no order and no request will be worked on.


Special Price: 300.-- CHF incl. 7.7% Swiss VAT



join the pontifical swiss guards at: become a Swiss Guard !

The MantisX Firearms Training System Abzugsanalyse System - It's a must have for any shooter and instructor !



NEW: The MOJO Mag Well Grip for AR-15 !

Amazing TactiCool Product by FAB DEFENSE

Click on the Picture to read and see more about the MOJO:

MOJO AR-15 Mag Well with Mask


NEW The TSB Tactical Sniper Bench

___Glock 43 - 10 SCHUSS MAGAZIN (Plus 4 Magazine Extension)____

NEW: TPH700 Funkgerätholster mit MOLLE System!

NEW Commando Butt Stock GL-CORE with machined MIL-Spec foldable Tube best butt stock combination you can get for Close Quarters Battle (CQB)

for SWISS ARMS - SIG Arms SG 550, 553 series, Stgw 90, fusil 90

P1 Bullet Trap Pad (Mobile Entladestation) 

>>>Download the descripton / brochure of the P1 BTP here<<<

We are the official Distributor of QuiqLite Inc. USA

New: QuiqLite X - UV, HighPower UltraViolet & White LED (380nm, 20 up to 75 Lumens)

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