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"This translation of our GTC to english, is supplied without liability". Mandatory is the german version of the GTC called AGB  


Terms and Conditions (GTC)
The P1 Switzerland Ltd. London, branch Schindellegi/Feusisberg
(Hereinafter: P1)

1. Scope of Terms
The terms and conditions are based on Swiss law and apply worldwide, provided that the parties expressly or tacitly acknowledge. Agreements and incidental changes are only effective if they are confirmed in writing by P1. If a contract is concluded and puts the other party also their own Conditions before, the matching points are valid. Regarding the different components of the Conditions of a written agreement is made. These terms and conditions apply indefinitely, as long as they have not been changed by the parties in a written agreement.
Moreover, the provisions of the Swiss Code of Obligations and the other Swiss laws and regulations applicable on the purchase agreement (OR Art. 184 ff.).
If any provision of this contract should be / become invalid, or if the contract contains a gap, remains the validity of the remaining provisions will remain unaffected (severability clause). Instead of the invalid provisions an effective regulation applies as agreed from the outset that the economically is intended by the parties at the next. The same applies in the case of an omission of these terms and conditions.
2. Offers
Price lists and brochures contain non-binding information and target prices.
Telephone inquiries have no long-term validity, unless it is clearly just an offer with a particular validity date.
Offers that are made in writing, by telephone in personal conversation, fax or email shall be deemed to be binding. If one party supplies, products or services that are not included required, they can be charged additionally.
An offer is valid for 30 days, unless otherwise agreed in writing. From these valid offers for large quantity orders for government agencies and dealers are not covered, they usually have a validity of 3 months, unless it is recorded in writing on the offer. All delivered with the offer documents and samples are property of the buyer. Information, which are referred to by the parties as a guide, are not binding and are only used for estimation of magnitudes.
An offer is accepted by the buyer, declared in writing by fax, email or in personal conversation than expected. The seller confirms the acceptance in writing, by fax or e-mail within a reasonable period or according to agreement.
If the customer requires an amendment from the order confirmation, the seller tells him within two weeks whether the change is possible and what impact it has on the provision of services, the dates and prices. In a bid to change the performance of the seller is bound for two weeks. For products that are already manufactured or supplied, the change does not apply.
3. Data
The seller agrees to deliver to the buyer the agreed products to or shortly before the conditions specified in the order confirmation deadlines, while the buyer undertakes to take these products at the predetermined time and pay.
The dates will be adequately postponed if obstacles occur which are beyond the control of the seller, such as natural disasters, mobilization, war, riots, epidemics, accidents and illness, serious breakdown, labor conflicts, late or incorrect deliveries and official measures.
For other delays, the buyer
renounce further deliveries (what he has to inform the seller immediately);
Partial deliveries require if possible (which must be agreed upon immediately);
the seller set an appropriate time limit for subsequent performance (not met the seller on expiry of that period, the purchaser may, provided that he immediately declared it, dispense with the subsequent performance or withdraw from the contract).
The seller must inform the buyer delays as quickly as possible. Of any liquidated damages shall be calculated according to Art. 191 OR.
4. contract
The scope and execution of delivery the order confirmation is authoritative. The seller delivers the products to the version ordered.
Unless you have a specific place of performance is agreed by the parties or resulting from the nature of the transaction shall be deemed deliveries providing the products at the headquarters of the seller.
Unless expressly agreed otherwise, the benefits and risks with departure of the goods from the seller to the buyer.
Unless specific acceptance procedure has been agreed, the Buyer shall inspect the products themselves and to display any defects in writing. If the buyer fails to display within 7 days after delivery, the products are in all functions free of defects and the delivery as approved, excluded latent defects. The buyer is then obligated to make payment.
5. Prices and payment (orders by mail, fax, email, phone)
The prices are determined in the offer. Unless required by law, VAT will be added. Regarding cost transfer the delivery terms with OnlineStore calculation or by an offer from the internal billing system be clearly defined. Payment is made in advance or on official government agencies and by our authorized dealers to account. Subject to any changes.
The buyer is obliged to pay within the agreed payment period of 30 days net, in receipt of the goods on account. The same is true for commission expenses.
If payment terms are not complied with, the seller is entitled,
immediately to demand securities for all outstanding receivables;
and / or make any outstanding deliveries only against prepayment.
Are security deposits or payments even with a reasonable grace period not yet paid, the seller may withdraw from the contract, even if the goods or part thereof have been delivered.
If the buyer does not meet the terms of payment, the seller is entitled to claim damages.
The Buyer may set off against counter claims to the seller, provided that these are due or a final court decision exists.
If the buyer fails a payment dates, he has to be paid by the due date, a reminder charge from 10.00 CHF and default interest, of 5% per annum is. After the second reminder, a reminder charge of CHF 25.00 will be charged additionally.
6. Prices, shipping costs, payment, maturity (online store)
(1) The prices include VAT and other price components. There are also possible shipping costs. For export transactions, the Swiss VAT is eliminated.
(2) The consumer has the option of paying in advance or on account * (* exclusively for authorities and by us authorized dealers).
(3) If the consumer has elected to pay in advance, so he agrees to pay the purchase price immediately after the conclusion. After 2 weeks in unused committed term of payment, the order is (prepayment), canceled.
If the buyer fails a payment dates, he has to be paid by the due date, a reminder charge from 10.00 CHF and default interest, of 5% per annum is. After the second reminder, a reminder charge of CHF 25.00 will be charged additionally per.
Upon receipt of an order in our online shop the following rules apply: The buyer makes a binding contract offer if the order via email or fax is transmitted, or by successfully passing through the envisaged in our Internet Shop ordering procedure.
The online store order involves the following steps:
1) Sign the online shop for registration and entering the registration information (email address and password). There are also guest-orders possible. In guest-orders but there is no possibility to view orders placed via login again by the purchaser.
2) Select the desired goods
3) Confirm by clicking the button "Order" or "add to cart"
4) verify the information in your shopping cart
5) confirm the button "Checkout"
6) Repeated testing and correction of the respective input data.
7) Mandatory sending the order.
The consumer can get before the mandatory sending the order by pressing the contained in the Internet browser used by him "back" button to control its information back to the website on which the information provided by the customer are recognized and correct input errors or by Closing the Internet browser to cancel the order process. We acknowledge receipt of your order directly through an automatically generated e-mail (confirmation of receipt). This does not constitute acceptance of the offer. Acceptance is by sending the ordered goods.
(5) Storage of contract for purchase via our online shop or order transfers by mail or fax: We save on the purchase order and send you an e-mail or via mail a confirmation. The terms and conditions at any time be viewed via Your past orders, registered customers can in our customer area under My Account - see> My orders. (With guest-Order not possible)
7. Warranty
The seller undertakes to care and deliver the products in a good quality. He further undertakes to careful selection, training and expert operation of the staffing levels and to monitor them.
If there are defects in the goods supplied, the buyer or a reduction or goods may require the same kind as replacements. The complaint must be made within 7 days. The provisions of the OR.
Excluded from the warranty are defects and malfunctions that the seller is not responsible, such as natural wear and tear, force majeure, improper treatment, intervention by the purchaser or third parties, excessive strain, unsuitable equipment or extreme environmental influences.
If the buyer resells the products, he is responsible for compliance with domestic and foreign export regulations. Changed the buyer resell products, he is liable for the resulting damages against the seller, the buyer or third parties. Subject to the provisions of the Product Liability Act.
8. Delivery
If we have not clearly stated in the product description, are all that we offer items that will be displayed according to the availability display in the online store available. For imported products, which have to be imported to customer order / customer requirements, delivery times of 10-21 days are also possible. Special orders and large orders, delivery times according to the offer or request.
(2) If the consumer has elected to pay in advance, so we do not ship the goods before receiving payment.
(3) Deliveries worldwide (including USA excluded), the P1 Switzerland Ltd. in its sole discretion is on the use of means of transport. The shipping and delivery expenses are valid at the date of the order approaches the P1 Switzerland Ltd. For packages, which are delivered by the transport organization to third parties and not directly to the intended recipient, we disclaim any liability.
9. Retention of title
We reserve title to the goods until full payment of the purchase price. P1 Switzerland Ltd. is entitled to register a corresponding title in the public register.
10. Return Policy
It applies the Swiss Code of Obligations. Basically, there is no right of return. Complaints see point 7. Please inform BEFORE any any possible return our customer service about your projects by email. Unsolicited returns will be returned with costs or keep back silently. Under Swiss law applies to contracts of sale in Switzerland can not be returned, not even when you do not like or the like. For this reason, all returns in advance will only be accepted at our customer service, usually, we are kullant and take the product back against a credit note, as long as the items to 100% will be sent in their original packaging and unused back, so no adhesive are torn and no signs of wear are projects and the package within 7 days of order reaches us and only with a written request for a Rücksendung.Unaufgeforderte returns, and returns after 7 days, or not been agreed or pending returns will not be processed or credited by us until full payment of the original invoice stored with us. The customer is not informed by us. Only after the customer has paid the initial invoice, we will comment on a possible withdrawal and the further procedure to inform the customer. If the item is not taken back from us, we will send the customer the item without comment with a handling fee of CHF 25-plus postage, packaging and handling of our activities back. Customers who ordered for the first time with us, customers who want to send an action item back or customers who have redeemed a coupon with your order, generally no right of return, contact us for an exclusion rule, please contact our customer service. If the article is taken from us back, so you will credit your account with us listed in merchandise value of the article, excluding postage and shipping. This credit will be credited on your next purchase. In an unsolicited return, we charge a processing fee of CHF 25-plus postage, packaging and handling. Special, persona ified products, large orders. Special offers, remainders or hygienic items, as well as deliveries from one central warehouse are excluded from cancellation, exchange or returned.
11. Contract language
 As the contract language via direct mail or mail traffic sent by us offers / order confirmations and orders placed online, only German and English are available.
12. Warranty and liability
The guarantee period is 24 months, unless otherwise stated in the sales documents. It starts from the delivery date date. The invoice is considered the "Guarantee certificate". For warranty claims the defective material incl. Fault description and invoice copy must be sent to us for return of defective products P1audio these together with the RMA form (online or mail request) to send. On all products of the brand FAB Defense (Israel), we offer a lifetime warranty. The guarantee does not cover damage resulting from modifications or repairs which were caused by the customer, or wear and tear, force majeure, or caused by disregard of the operating rules. The purchaser is solely for the right to repair or replacement (replacement). P1 is committed to resolve product defects or manufacturing defects free of charge (Warranty Repair), provided that no reasons for exclusion exist. The warranty does not cover damage due to improper operation or handling and natural wear and tear. Excluded from the guarantee are: Batteries, Simple disposable earphone, wireless audio accessories, lamps, consumables and wear parts and parts that have been damaged by an incorrect manipulation (eg incorrect port) or a result of faulty / defective maintenance. The purchaser has to failure analysis (estimate) assume if no guarantee claim exists, the costs. While the repair is no entitlement to a replacement product exists. The statutory warranty repairs or modifications performed by a non-authorized service centers P1. Any travel or transportation costs shall be borne by the buyer. P1 is not liable, unless otherwise agreed in writing for damages resulting from non-performance or not proper fulfillment of the purchase agreement or to the operation or use of the purchased item. In any case, assumes no liability for P1 lost profits, indirect or consequential damages, including loss of data by name of any kind, and any other interruptions and disturbances that may arise to the purchaser or a third party.
The brand names and company names listed are partially registered trademarks of their respective owners or companies and are only to show the compatibility may.
13. Support / Contact
Our customer service for questions and complaints is available under
Phone: +41 44 586 0800
Email: contact @ policeone DOT ch
If the telephone call is not answered directly, please talk to the voice mail, you will be within max. 3 business days to be contacted.
Delivery address must be sent to:
P1 Switzerland Ltd., London - Zweigniederlassung Schindellegi/Feusisberg
Chaltenbodenstr. 8
CH 8834 Schindellegi - Switzerland
14. Duty to inform
The parties mutually and in time any special technical requirements as well as legal, official and other regulations at the place of destination as far as these are for the implementation and use of the products is important. Next, the parties updated about obstacles which make the contractual performance in question or lead to inexpedient solutions.
15. Final Provisions
All changes and additions that affect these Terms and Conditions, shall require the written form. P1 reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions at any time or supplement. Jurisdiction and place of performance is the headquarters of the P1 Switzerland Ltd., this may, however, also call the place of business of the other party. Swiss law applies.
The parties will endeavor to any disputes arising from the execution of this contract, in an amicable way.
Stand January 2018 P1 Switzerland Ltd. London, branch Samstagern


Data Protection & Privacy Policy:

All information and data that is replaced by your purchase is subject, of course, the privacy policies and will be used by with great care. and designed in particular to our online offer is always to optimize the needs of our customers. The obtained by the use of information is used to promote the development of product recommendations.

The order of customers require a username and password. The information you provide will be evaluated by us internally, for statistical purposes and also serve to conserve your access.

This data will not be disclosed to third parties. Thereof except: on disposal of authorities, all the data will be provided to the investigating office location. This also applies in cases of suspected crime (of any criminal acts or preparations for it).

Of course you can always take your personal data (your account) to let us delete.


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