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Law Enforcement and Authorities Special Discount

"This translation to english, is supplied without liability"

The prices shown in the Online Store, or already reduced discount prices are for everyone.

For some products, we give authorities additional special discounts. These are, once was the customer for the customer group "Authorities" released and logged in the online store has a special set just below the official selling price.

For authoritties-discounts are eligible to:
- Police (Federal, State, Municipal and Area Police Forces)
- Fire Departments
- Military (Military Occupation: Sec-Mil etc.)
- Paramedics / REGA

How to login as a member authorities:
1. If you belong to one of the professions listed above, please sign in below to open an account.

Second It is important that you use as an e-mail address Your e-mail service address, eg (, XXX.XXX @ City, etc). Because of the installed service email address, it is possible for us to check whether you have a discount, in fact.

3rd Important: Please inform us by email that you want to leave for the customer group "Authorities" (authority) unlock.
You will receive a confirmation email to which you must confirm your e-mail address for service! This process takes about 1-3 days. During holidays, weekends and holidays no activations are possible.

You will be reallocated as a result in the customer group "Authorities" (authority) and are now once you have logged in, each of which also receive discounted prices shown. Orders on account of authorities: are created and sent to official authorities addresses in Switzerland and Principality of Liechtenstein only.

In case of any frictions, we will contact you directly by mail or telephone.

Requests to authorities prices / discounts by private email addressed eg, etc will not considerd.

For any questions please contact us.