RTS falling RACKET target system

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Product description: Please see below in details. Produktbeschreibung: Siehe unten in Details.

The ‘Falling RACKET’ 20mm Popper Target System allows a large variety of shooting drills and can be manually set as a swinging racket system


  • Configurable multiple reactive targets system
  • Combines 2 independent falling racket targets
  • Can be manually configured for use as swinging targets
  • Ideal for practical shooting drills and versatile scenarios
  • Suitable for use with 9mm & 0.45’ ammunition
  • Durable polymer recovers thousands of hits
  • Lightweight, easy to setup, transport and store
  • Available in six target colors: black, blue, green, red, yellow and white

Shooting Training has never been more effectively!

RTS = You will save up to 30% of your training lesson, more time to increase the practice!
RTS = bis zu 30% Zeitersparnis bei der Schiessausbildung ! Somit 30% mehr Zeit für's Training

Haftungsausschluss: Die RTS Ziele (Zielscheiben) sind nicht dazu geeignet, bei Temperaturen unter 2° Grad Celsius verwendet zu werden. Gefriertemperaturen können dazu führen, dass das Material der RTS (Polymer) bei Beschuss zerbricht und splittert!
Disclaimer: The RTS targets are not recommended to be used in temperatures below 34° F. Freezing temparature can cause the unit to shatter.

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