RTS Reactive Screaming Target Kit (Target system included)

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RTS Reactive Screaming Target Kit (screaming system including RTS static target with 2 Torsos)


  • Reacts upon impact to indicate on target hit with configurable sound options  
  • Built in indication sound recording option for ideal versatility
  • Wireless electronic sound indicating system
  • No need to cross the line of fire to check hits, saves valuable training time
  • Self-healing polymer recovers thousands of hits with no ricochets
  • Lightweight, easy to setup, transport and store
  • Perfect for Sniper, handgun and assault rifle training
  • Screaming system is also available separately for any static RTS target
  • Operational temperature range: 0-50 degrees Celsius
  • Single target system
  • Operational range: 5 to 300 meters

Included in the Kit:

  • 1 Complete static target with two target torsos
  • and a wireless screaming system (delivery in professional plastic case)
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